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 =====Coming events:​===== =====Coming events:​=====
 {{iCalendar>​https://​​calendar/​ical/​​public/​basic.ics#​from=today&​previewDays=30&​showAs=table&​showEndDates=1}} {{iCalendar>​https://​​calendar/​ical/​​public/​basic.ics#​from=today&​previewDays=30&​showAs=table&​showEndDates=1}}
-^ Date ^ Content ^ Venue ^ 
-|Nov 23rd 2014   | Tea Yoga (Transporting Qi meditation) |  Music Room, Downing College | 
 =====Past events:​===== =====Past events:​=====
 {{iCalendar>​https://​​calendar/​ical/​​public/​basic.ics#​to=today}} {{iCalendar>​https://​​calendar/​ical/​​public/​basic.ics#​to=today}}