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 +====== Schedule (2015) ======
 +<columns 100% 36% 35% ->
 +1st Round
 +2nd Round
 + TBA
 +3rd Round
 +Previous schedule: [[crg-schedule-2012|2012]] || [[crg-schedule-2013|2013]] || [[crg-schedule-2014|2014]]
 +Note: for a guideline on chairing a reading session, see [[internal:​how-to-organise-a-reading-session|General tips for organising a reading session]].
 +====== For the organisers of the reading sessions ======
 +Here is a template for the notes ({{:​lunyu_xueer1-9_wenben.doc|MS Word}}, {{:​lunyu_xueer1-9_wenben.odt|OpenOffice Writer}}).
 +An online dictionary [[http://​ | 汉典 zdic]]