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Chinese Tea Ceremony

We organise tea ceremonies once a term during full-term time. The following gives a brief introduction to the Chinese tea ceremony. Our previous events and a schedule for the coming events are here.

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Chinese Tea Ceremony


Tea grows in high mountains and absorbs the aura of heaven and earth. Chinese Tea ceremony is not only about making or drinking a cup of tea, but more importantly, within a cup of tea, there is the essence of sky, earth, mountains, water, love, wisdom and life. The Chinese Tea Ceremony has a long history in China since Tang Dynasty, and became a practice that helps people to cultivate themselves and get spiritual perception. Among scholars, intellectuals and ordinary people, people have different ways of preparing and enjoy the tea. In this series of events, we are going to perceive those from a cup of tea.

Procedure of an Event

In the tea ceremony, in which tea will be prepared and served in a quiet atmosphere. There will also be introductions to the tea. After the tea ceremony, the host will talk about a certain topic on tea, then others raise questions and discuss about tea and our life. The topic varies in different sessions.

When we fully enjoy it, we will understand how spirituality could become an integral part of the daily life, and how Tao could be entered from a variety of angles, even in such an ordinary job. Anyone who would like to practice could try at the end!

If you have any suggestions on the topic of the tea ceremony, we welcome you to give us your suggestions.